Preventive Maintenance Program

The best way to prevent major repairs is to get on board with MPAC’s preventive maintenance program! We are here to get your fleet straightened out!

Tire Service

MPAC’s tire services include mounting, balancing and alignment to ensure the longevity of your tires!

Suspension Service

Steering and suspension are responsible for keeping your wheel firmly intact with the ground. Your vehicles work hard make sure that they are straightened out and in shape! All suspension services include an alignment!

Brake Service

Whether your vehicle is a work truck or a work horse be sure to have your brakes checked and replaced in a timely fashion. We are here to ensure that your vehicle is able to safely stop while pulling weight.

Precision High-Tech Alignment

Come one come all and get your fleet straightened out! MPAC’s High-Tech Alignments will ensure the life of your tires and better fuel mileage.